Since its founding in 2014, John John Music Group has grown into the world’s preeminent entertainment company.  We work in every aspect of modern entertainment—with recording artists, producers and songwriters . We are a full service organization, supporting our diverse roster of talent via artist management, music publishing, touring, production, bookings, strategic brand development and beyond. We’ve forged strong partnerships with the world’s leading experts in artist management, technology, fashion, and philanthropy, and are redefining the business of music and entertainment.

John John Music Group has made it our unwavering commitment to nurture music, and to foster artistry and self-expression. In a world that desperately needs to find more common ground, there is no better way to provide it, than through music.

Using the collective power of our passionate community of music lovers – ranging from employees to artists to fans – we support and partner with organizations around the globe that are working towards meaningful positive change and social responsibility.

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